What has been going on behind the scenes of my video tips

What has been going on behind the scenes of my video tips

What has been going on behind the scenes of my “2 minute video tips by Monique“?

First of all, I would love to thank you from the bottom of my Heart and Soul for you patience. Wow, how time surely flies, even if you are not having so much fun (!).

Yes, you might have noticed that I have not been publishing and posting any videos and blogs for the last 2 months now. And in Today’s video I would love to share with you my personal “love life story”.

Before I do put down the link of that video below, let me already tell you that I have made a conscious decision to be happy no matter what. I decide to feel powerful and in alignment with the fullness of who it is that I have become throughout my journey, even while I am in the middle of a seemingly stormy event. I choose to feel strong and invincible in the face of challenges.

Would you be willing to listen to my story and be my partner in believing?


So here’s what I have learnt so far throughout this “crazy event”….

  • I have the ability, the capacity and the willingness to forgive
  • there truly is a power within me that is greater than this circumstance
  • focusing on what I appreciate helps me to move forward more quickly
  • daring to be brutally honest with myself truly feels very liberating
  • opening up my heart and soul to new possibilities feels pretty good
  • I practise all the resources available to keep my sanity and wellbeing alive
  • by sharing my sincere vulnerability I somehow connect more deeply with my loved ones
  • I have an amazing abundance of family and friends that support me throughout this journey
  • it’s okay to ask for help and accept the hands that are being reached out to me
  • what a blessed being I am!!


Recently, I participated at a 7 day online challenge, where I am part of a facebook group called “Energy Celebrators” and one of the exercises they offered to do every single day, is the “priming exercise” by Tony Robbins. Wow, the effect that practise has on my state of being is tremendous! So, I would love to share that video with you as well, as a way of saying thank you for being present in my little galaxy (smile).

Hope you enjoy this amazing exercise. Have fun doing it!


For those of you, who have been watching my “2 minute video tips by Monique” regularly, you may remember that I am a huge fan of the teachings of Louise Hay. I love and appreciate all the affirmations she has offered throughout her life as a way to inspire millions of people around the globe to loving the Self.

Well, Tony Robbins takes affirmations to the next level and calls them incantations. By using and moving your whole body, while saying all kinds of statements and declarations, your subconscious mind will be more easily reprogrammed, because you change your whole fysiology and therefore your whole state of being.


Now, I would love to hear from you!

Let’s connect on a deeper level, if you dare….

Would you be willing to share your personal love life story?

What have you learnt from your experience?

As you can see, I truly invite you to have the courage to open up! It feels so liberating and refreshing.

Let us support each other, so we can raise our vibrations and serve the world in our own unique ways.


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To your Health and Wellbeing,




p.s. I am on a mission to touch the lives and hearts of 1 million people around the globe with my “2 minute video tips by Monique”, because I am passionate about helping you how to Balance Your Energy in such a way that you can move through your days with more Ease, Grace, Flow and FUN!

So, if this idea resonates with you and you feel uplifted or you know someone that could also benefit from my video series,

please share this blogpost with them!

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