What does it take to be an enlightened millionaire?

What does it take to be an enlightened millionaire?

Do you know what it takes to be an enlightened millionaire? Welcome to “Personal Development Wednesday”!

And in Today’s episode, I would love to share with you a great pearl of wisdom, in the form of a book called “the Enlightened Millionaire, a 15 steps guide to Wealth, Freedom and Contribution by Nisandeh Neta.

The first time I heard about Nisandeh, was actually by reading and studying a book from his wife Vered Neta, called “Financial Independence for women”, which I bought in 2012.

Years later, I was introduced to the Business Bootcamp from the Open Circles Academy of which Nisandeh Neta and his wife are the founders. You will find out more about Nisandeh and what I have learned from his below the video.

Enjoy watching Today’s “2 minute video tip by Monique” (actually a minute longer…..):


Nisandeh Neta has 22 years of experience in teaching, coaching and mentoring more than 150.000 entrepeneurs when it comes to business and personal development and financial freedom. He’s a bestselling author and he created 22 best selling programs. He is a succesful entrepeneur who built 4 multi-million dollar companies. He is the proud father of a 22 year daughter and has been together with his wife Vered for 24 years. They now live on the island Tenerife, growing their own food. Nisandeh loves running long-distance, climbing mountains and meditating.


I have participated at his Business Bootcamps “turning passion into profits” (a three day live intensive workshop for entrepeneurs) 3 times over the course of 1,5 year. I literally have 3 “my success workbooks”  filled with pearls of wisdom and insights on “the Essense of Business”, “Marketing Essentials”, “Strategic Partnerships” and much more, notes that I took during “Nisandeh’s masterclasses moments on stage”. I could write a whole book about it (so to speak).


At one point he was talking about SUPER Remarkable Product. Let me share with you what  S.U.P.E.R. stands for:

S = Solution to a problem; the bigger the problem, the easier to sell the solution

U = Unique, what makes you and your product stand out (e.g. Tony Robbins solves biggest problem in 1 session)

P = Positioning & Pricing (e.g. starbucks personalizes coffee and service)

E = Experience people get with your business (e.g. Apple; people buy experience more than ever)

R = Relevance; the more relevant, the easier your product / service becomes remarkable (e.g. design and sound of Harley Davidson motorbikes are relevant for people who love Harleys)


My God such a Powerful Idea”, is not just some phrase, according to Nisandeh, this sentence contains the 5 steps of a successful business system;

  • M = mindset / attitude; as an entrepeneur you want to make a lot of mistakes, so you can learn and grow faster. Every highly successful entrepeneur starts at the beginning and it’s important to Get inline and STAY in line! Persistence is key, so never give up! Opportunity; successful people are focused on growth and rewards
  • G = goals; set clear goals as to where you want to go, write them down and share it with the world
  • S = strategy; this can be different for different branches (e.g. social media, website, networking)
  • P = plan; this is the practical stuff, the “how”, the roadmap
  • I = implementation / following up/ taking inspired yet consistent actions


Nisandeh is in the process of writing a book called “Living by Design” and he would love to ask for your help. Would you be willing to answer 3 questions? He will reward you by giving a copy of the book, once it’s published.

Click on this link:   https://www.happyhealthywealthywise.com/3-questions-b/?aff=|aff|&afu=|afu|


Now it’s your turn….

Have you heard of Nisandeh Neta?

Who is your business mentor and coach and what have your learned from him/her?

Feel free to share your experience with  me.

You can ask me any question or leave a comment down below.

I am looking forward to connecting with you.

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