spending High Quality time with yourself

A whole day to focus on what truly matters to you the most 

and how to fully receive it, while being guided, supported and encouraged in the fulfilment of your dreams and goals.

So this is for you, if you....

Tired and exhausted

You feel tired and exhausted, pretty much most of the time


You feel overwhelmed by your never ending “to do list”

Stress in your body

You feel stress and tightness in your body

Pit in your stomach

You have this pit in your stomach that’s really bothering you

Setting boundaries

You desperately need help in setting healthy boundaries

More me-time

You crave to have more “me time” without feeling guilty

Sleep all night

You long to have a good night sleep without having to rely on sleeping pills any longer

Do something different

You long to do something completely different, but don't know where to start

Something is missing

You feel that something is missing in your life, but you don't know exactly what that is

Are you done putting yourself last on your list?

Here's why I can help you

Hi, I am Monique Aipassa and I am a certified Dream Builder Coach, trained personally by my mentor Mary Morrissey from the Life Mastery Institute e, who has over 30 years of experience in helping thousands of people from all walks of life and from all over the world, turn their dreams into their every day reality. I am also a certified Shiatsu Massage Therapist trained into the holistic energy system of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese 5 elements.

This unique combination, plus my 23 years of experience of running my own massage practise based in the Netherlands, where I have had the priviledge of helping many people improve the quality of their health and wellbeing, allows me to have a deep understanding of the body-mind- spirit connection when it comes to energy and understanding the difference between the universal laws that governs success and failure and how to close the gap between these two in one’s favour.

Being a mom of 2 wonderful boys (23 and 19 years) and having had the priviledge of being a stepmom of 3 kids (same age as my sons) for 9 years, I have struggled for many years finding the right balance between spending time with my kids, family and friends and having the guts to claim my own space as well without feeling guilty.

For the last 23 years I have been on “a journey of Awakening and Self Discovery”. From studying and practicing all the great teachings on Self Empowerment, Spiritual Growth and Self Development, following classes, courses and seminars on how to improve the quality of all the different areas of my life, there was one thing that I did that had the most powerful and positive impact on my life.

And that is when I decided to hire a mentor and a coach and surround myself with an amazing support group of people who believe in me and my dreams, to help me manifest what I wanted with more ease, grace and flow. Especially the 1:1 Intensive VIP Day with my mentor, really moved

me towards the fulfilment of my dreams more quickly than I ever thought possible. And this is what I wish for every busy mom as well!

Give yourself permission to invest in You! You deserve it!

What is included in your VIP Day?

  • A 1 hour strategy session before the actual VIP Day to get clear on what you would love to focus on
  • 5 hours of 1:1 time with me to answer all of your questions and coach, support and guide you quickly in moving forward towards achieving what you love and want
  • An action plan to take home, so you know what to work on to create more of what you want while being playful about it.

In Person

We will be spending time together mostly in my practice


We will be spending time together mostly through skype

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined

Henry David Thoreau

This is how it works

Heart-to-Heart Session (Skype)

In this conversation you and I are going to discover if what you want and what I have to offer is a “match made in heaven.

Duration VIP Day

We will be spending one full day of 5 hours on your specific needs mostly between 10 am and 4 pm Central European time.

Setting a goal

Before the actual VIP Day we will have a “strategy session through skype” to get crystal clear on the goal that you and I are going to work on during your VIP Day

The VIP Day

We are working on that one thing you want, I give you 'energetic' tools you can apply immediately. Also you're getting a deeper insight in what has been keeping you stuck in your current life. 

“Dear Monique, thank you so very much! The beginning of building my dreams with a wonderful woman / coach like you. I could not have received a better retreat than the one I received Yesterday. I feel inspired to walk the path of my dreamlife. Yesterday, you helped me in a very relaxed and pleasant way, to take off my blinders and listen to my own inner voice.


Imagine walking away from your VIP Day feeling

  • More empowered to say YES to yourself more frequently
  • more courageous in releasing your fears, doubts, shame and guilt
  • more Self Confident and realizing your true Value and Self Worth
  • more productive and you actually love to take inspired actions again
  • much more clear about what you truly want down deep in your heart and soul
  • more adequate in communicating your desires with others
  • really proud of yourself, because you gained a huge sense of accomplishment
  • more energized and alive and eager about the unfolding of what’s coming next
  • more peace of mind about the thing you focused on during your special day

Would you love to know if the VIP Day is right for you? I invite you to book a FREE heart to heart conversation with me to get all of your questions answered. Book your FREE 30 minute Heart to Heart Conversation with me right here.