MeTime Retreat

Your ultimate 

'Mini Me Time Retreat'

Dare to say 'YES' to YOU first!

Do you recognize this:

  1. Are you feeling tired and exhausted most of the time?
  2. Do you feel stress and tightness in your body?
  3. Are you done with putting yourself last on your "to do list"?
  4. Do you feel like something is missing, but you don't exactly know what that is?


  • Would you like to have more energy?
  • Do you love to be massaged?
  • Do you want to feel more relaxed?
  • Are you ready for your "mini break"?
  • Then you are in the right place!

Hi, my name is Monique Aipassa

Your host and Mini Me Time Retreat facilitator. For the last 23 years, I have had the pleasure and the priviledge of literally touching the lives of hundreds of people throughout my massage practice called “Massagebedrijf Vital Touch” based in The Netherlands. I truly feel so thankful and blessed that I can help my clients improve the quality of their health and wellbeing with more ease, grace and flow.

And I am also a mom of two wonderful sons (23 and 19 years) and I have had the opportunity of being a stepmom to three kids (same age as my kids) for 9 years. So I know what it feels like to struggle with finding the right balance between taking care of my beloved partner and kids and having the guts to claim more “me time” and feel good about it.

I sincerely believe that every mom deserves to have their own unique “me time” without feeling guilty. That’s why I created this Mini Me Time Retreat with you in mind, because you are worth it!

I noticed a new longing

A couple of years ago, I noticed a new longing deep within me. I felt the desire to want to expand my horizon and add something new and different into my massage services. So I embarked on a new journey that lead me to Los Angeles in March 2014. I met my mentor and coach Mary Morrissey during an intensive 3 day live training. Together with almost 600 other amazing entrepeneurs from around the globe, I became a certified Dream Builder Coach!

Born out of my deepest heart's desires

Since then I have created and developed my own unique products and services, where I combine my knowledge, experience and expertise (of 23 years) as a certified Holistic Massage Practitioner with the Art and Science of how to turn your heart's desires into your every day reality.

This one of a kind Mini Me Time Retreat" is born out of my deepest heart's desires to want to make a significant difference in the lives of 40+ busy moms (just like me) who long to have more "me time" without feeling guilty.

During and after this unique introductory 3 hour mini "Me Time Retreat", you will:

  • Be more in touch with your deepest heart's desires
  • Be clear on what it is you would truly LOVE
  • Feel relief of letting go of what is holding you back
  • Feel rejuvenated and refreshed
  • Have more energy
  • Feel more relaxed and balanced
  • Enjoy your renewed sense of confidence and freedom
  • Feel empowered to put yourself on top of your "to do list"
  • Go home with your unique Blueprint of your dream life
  • Leave your "Me Time Retreat" wanting MORE "Me Time"

This introduction is just the tip of the iceberg.

So for those of you who want to take this even further, you will have the opportunity to embark on a 12 week journey with me called "Vital Touch Retreat". I will be sharing the details during your mini "me time retreat". Whether you are Dutch or an English native speaking woman living in Holland, you are more than welcome in my practice.

In our initial phone call, we will have a heart to heart conversation to see if what I offer is truly a perfect match for your needs.

Your unique "Mini Me Time Retreat" will take place in my practice in Vught (the Netherlands). Mobile phone: 0031-6-11862678

Call me to reserve your spot! You are welcome to ask me any questions about the details of your 'Mini Me Time Retreat'