Let me share with you my big WHY and why it matters to me

Let me share with you my big WHY and why it matters to me

Let me share with you my big WHY and why it matters to me.

I am stepping outside of my comfortzone. Yet I feel ready to feel the fear and doing it anyway.

It’s time for me to finally break through one of my childhood’s limiting belief that it is dangerous (= not safe) for me to be seen, heard and validated.

I “adopted” this belief after having experienced some “family events” as a young girl.

One of them I remember very vividly.

When I did something which my dad didn’t like or disapproved of, he would ignore me completely for a whole week.

He would not talk to me or look at me at all, whether we were alone or surrounded by others. I simply did not exist!

I felt so deeply hurt and humiliated by his attitude and every part within me just wanted to scream out loud: “how dare you treat me like this”!

But I did not do that of course, because I was afraid of my dad. I was afraid to rebel against him. I always wanted to be “a good girl”.

So instead, I would go to my bedroom and cry on my bed, feeling sorry for myself and angry about how unfair it all was.

You see, he treated my two younger brothers differently when it came to punishing them! They would be grounded, but at least he was still talking to them.

There were many times I wished I had the guts to go to him and ask him:
“Dad, would you please tell me what I did wrong?”
“I will be glad to do some extra chores around the house, if that’s what makes you happy, but please talk to me, look at me!”

This “incident” lead me to believe that it was safer for me to be invisible and hide myself.

I started to believe that I did not matter, that I was not good enough, that I was not worthy and deserving of LOVE!

Fast forward to NOW….

That same “incident” has also been the catalyst for my transformation. Looking back I now can see that it was a blessing in disguise.

From that place of disempowerment, I felt a burning desire to step back into my inner power, eventhough I did not know how.

The birth of my oldest son in 1998, was the tipping point for me; the beginning of my journey of awakening, of spiritual growth.

Ever since, I have become a “student of life” and I came across many books, teachers, mentors and coaches in the field of spirituality and personal development to gain more understanding of how it works in this universe.

I want to express my deepest appreciation for the teachings of Louise Hay (author of You can heal your life) and Abraham Hicks, for they have inspired me to align myself with the power of LOVE.

Thanks to them I have been able to “tell my father the truth” through writing him 2 “Love letters” and FORGIVE him.

And I have been blessed by his respons; he was brave enough to take ownership for his behaviour and he offered me his sincere apologies.

Wow, the power of LOVE!

Anyways….that’s why I am so passionate about my PURPOSE IN LIFE, which I will be sharing with you in my video.

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Now I would love to hear from you!

Are you aware of your “WHY” and what is your Purpose in Life?

Feel free to share your experience with me.

You are welcome to ask my any question or leave a comment down below.

I am looking forward to connecting with you.

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