How to reset your money blueprint to create more wealth

How to reset your money blueprint to create more wealth

How to reset your money (financial) blueprint to create more wealth.

“Give me 5 minutes and I can predict your financial future for the rest of your life”…

T Harv Eker, author of the bestselling book “Secrets of the millionaire mind” – “Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth” is known for this quote, that he uses frequently in conversations with other people.

He went from zero to becoming a millionaire in just 2, 5 years!

In 2011 I attended his Millionaire Mind Intensive in Amsterdam, where I learned all about his wealth principles.

According to Harv we all have what he calls a “Money (Financial) Blueprint”.

And this blueprint is running the show, whether we realize it or not, when it comes to our money and finances.

In Today’s “2 minute video tip by Monique”, I am going to show you his wealth formula.

Enjoy watching Today’s video:


In my workbook of the Millionaire Mind Intensive, there’s a list of “Attitudes of Wealth – Winning the “Money” Game.

Let me share with you some of these empowering statements:

  • I am an excellent money manager
  • My money works hard for me and makes me more and more money
  • I am financially free. I work because I choose to, not because I have to
  • Lucrative opportunities always come my way
  • My capacity to earn, hold and grow money expands day by day


Here’s one of T Harv Eker’s inspiring videos to get you in a “AWESOME” mood (it takes 7.15 minutes):

Feel free to click here:


Now it’s your turn….

Are you aware of your “Money Blueprint” and is it really serving you in your daily life?

Feel free to share your experience with me.

You are welcome to ask my any question or leave a comment down below.

I am looking forward to connecting with you.

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