How to manifest your dreams with more ease

How to manifest your dreams with more ease

How to manifest your dreams with more ease.

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Are you having a hard time turning your ideas into reality? You put in all the hard work, yet you don’t see any result that reflects what it is that you want? Could it be that you are  trying to figure things out on your own? That you don’t easily ask for help, because part of you believes that this is a sign of weakness and you don’t like to come across as such? Or you don’t want to burden others with your problems, so you keep it all to yourself. And this is wearing you down, making you feel very sad, lonely and even depressed at times. And you just want to give up on your dreams? I know exactly what that feels like, since I have been there too (for way too long!).

It was not until I met my mentor and coach Mary Morrissey who trained me personally to become a certified Dream Builder Coach, who talked about this “lonely ranger syndrome”. That was a huge “aha moment” for me and also a big relief, since I came to the realization that I was not “the only one” struggling with this limiting pattern of thinking and behaviour. She invited me to look at “asking for help” in a completely different way and how I can turn that idea into a tool and strategy that can help me manifest my dreams with much more ease.

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Now it’s your turn….?
Who is your partner in believing and why is this person so important to you?

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