How to connect with your inner power using this love affirmation

How to connect with your inner power using this love affirmation

How to connect with your inner power using this love affirmation.

It’s “a tribute to Love Tuesday” and I am thrilled to be reading out loud this beautiful love affirmation from Louise Hay’s book “Love Your Body”.

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You can read this love affirmation down here…


I love my consciousness.

My consciousness enables me to see that my body is a wonderful miracle.

I am so happy that I am ALIVE.

My consciousness enables me to affirm that I have the POWER to heal myself.

I deliberately choose thoughts that create my future.

I am powerful because I use my thinking capacities in a way that truly serves me.

I choose thoughts that make me feel good about me.

I appreciate my consciousness.

I love and adore my beautiful consciousness.

(Note: I have the Dutch version of her book “Love your body”, so the above affirmation is my own translation back into English)


Now it’s your turn….

What do you do to feel your own inner power?

You are welcome to ask me any question or leave a comment down below.

I am looking forward to connecting with you.

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