healthy and happy feet tips
Monique Aipassa
healthy and happy feet tips
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how to balance the energy of your feet

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This week’s theme is all about helping you balancing the energy of your feet.

Are you ready for healthy and happy feet this summer?

Did you know that walking barefoot as much as you can, is the most natural way to keep your feet healthy and strong?

But how comfortable and confident do you feel to do so, especially now that it’s summer time?

Here is my first tip to help you be happier and feel more confident about your feet.

Enjoy watching Today’s video:

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a doctor, so when you take medicine, or you are having doubts, always consult your doctor / therapist first.

In case you experience more serious foot conditions such as:

  • corns
  • toenail fungus
  • dry cracked feet and heels

You might also want to consult a “foot care specialist” and make an appointment for a pedicure treatment.

Here’s what you can do at home, if you would love to start right away:

  • wash and scrub your feet gently
  • soak you feet in lemon juice for 10  minutes (at least once a week)
  • alternate a hot and cold foot bath
  • use a pumice stone to get rid of dead cells
  • make a paste from oat meal and jojoba oil and apply on your feet, like a mask
  • let this soak in for 30 minutes and rince of with water
  • dry off your feet thoroughly
  • massage your feet using your favourite oil, cream or moisterizing lotion
  • when you do this before going to bed, wear socks so your feet can be hydrated while you are sleeping.
Now it’s your turn….

What do you do to keep your feet healthy and happy?

Feel free to share your experience with me.

You are welcome to ask my any question or leave a comment down below.

I am looking forward to connecting with you.

To your Health and Wellbeing,


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