Eat this superfood to keep your teeth healthy and strong

Eat this superfood to keep your teeth healthy and strong

Did you know that eating this superfood can keep your teeth healthy and strong?

And that it also has many other benefits for your Health and Wellbeing?

Who recognizes the guy in the above picture?

Yes, it’s Popeye the sailor man. He’s known for eating lots of spinach, so that he can protect his wife Olive against his competitor Brutus.

For old times sake, click here to listen to his famous intro tune.


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Here are some of the wonderful benefits SPINACH has for our body, mind and spirit:

  • it contains calcium and magnesium, which are essential for healthy and strong teeth and bones
  • it helps us boost our immunesystem
  • it helps us improve the quality of our eyes
  • it is said to be very good for pregnant women
  • it also helps us raise our stamina and energy
  • it reduces the levels of stress in our body

Now it’s your turn….

Do you love your teeth enough to take good care of them?

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