Dare to be visible by stepping out of your comfortzone!

Dare to be visible by stepping out of your comfortzone!

Do you dare to be visible by stepping out of your comfortzone?

Do you dare to feel the fear and doing it anyway? Well…I just did and what a relief that is!

It gives me a renewed sense of Freedom. And feeling free is what I truly love!

Yes, I finally dare to be visible and step out of my comfortzone….

It has taken me 18 years though to come to this point, where I feel more and more empowered to let my own light shine brightly (smile).

1998 is the year of my Spiritual awakening. I started to read all kinds of “personal development books”. I came across many wonderful teachers like Louise Hay, dr. Joseph Murphy, Oprah Winfrey (loved her show!), John Gray, Napoleon Hill, Jack Canfield, the Dalai Lama, Abraham Hicks and many more!

I have attended countless workshops and seminars (and many online courses and webinars) on various topics (from learning new parenting skills, learning how to love and forgive myself, to discovering how to deal with procrastination and learn about the best strategies for creating a successful online business and everything in between).

I did all of the above to get in touch with who it is that I truly am. Unveiling all those layers of myths and limiting beliefs that are no longer serving me.

In this case, one aspect of my “limiting programming” was that it was not safe for me as a girl to be seen and heard. And unconsciously I have “carried” this with me throughout my adult life.

It feels so GOOD to set myself FREE from this old belief!

By daring to be visible, I am letting the universe know that I feel stronger than my fears. It is safe and okay for me to show myself to the world in my own unique way!

With the launch of my brand new website, I am stepping into a new era of my life.

A new era where my new preferred thoughts, beliefs and ideas about myself (especially about my own sense of Worthiness) are steadily getting deeply rooted into my subconscious mind.

A new set of paradigms that are in alignment with my Core Values which are: Building relationships based on Authenticity, Integrity, Trust, Respect, Unconditional Love and Freedom.

And I also love to have fun along the way (smile). Everything that sparks Joy within me….I LOVE!

By the way here’s a great resource when it comes to “feeling the fear and doing it anyway”. Go to http://www.susanjeffers.com/home/index.cfm

Now I would love to hear from you!

How comfortable and safe do you feel with being more visible?

Let’s start a conversation and let me know down below.

Love and blessings, Monique











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