Apply this powerful strategy to cross your bridge

Apply this powerful strategy to cross your bridge

When you apply this powerful Dream Building strategy, you will be able to cross your bridge with more Ease, Grace and Flow.

In Today’s “2 minute video tip by Monique”, I am so excited to share with you the last step of the bridging phase of Dream Building.

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This next quote is taken from “the Dream Builder Program” from my beloved mentor: Mary Morrissey

“Any farmer knows soil must be as healthy as the seed for the crop to prosper. You can’t grow a healthy dream in toxic soil.

Even the best dream cannot survive if it is planted in soil that is toxic with resentment.

Wondering whether you have forgiveness work to do? Are you breathing?

Yes, everyone has forgiveness work to do – it’s a mental, emotional and spiritual practice that opens the doors of perception

and frees us to live a life worth living.”

“Once you’ve identified where you need to practice forgiveness, you may feel like you’re at a loss as how to actually do it.

Even once you make a concious decision to forgive someone for whom you harbor some resentment, it can creep back in.

So how do you take the actual steps toward forgiveness?

It can feel like hard work – and while it does not change your past, it changes your present and transforms your future.”


Would you love to know more about the Art & Science of Dream Building?
Here’s what Mary has to say: simply click here!.
Now it’s your turn….

What is your story about Forgiveness?

Feel free to share your experience with me.

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