30 video tips for creating more of what you LOVE!

30 video tips for creating more of what you LOVE!

Want to know my 30 video tips for creating more of what you LOVE?

Welcome to the first video of my 30 Day Video Challenge.

I invite you to embark on an exciting journey with me.

I am so excited and scared at the same time.

“Feeling the fear and doing it anyway”, is what I am doing exactly right NOW!

This is the Kickoff of my “blog career” on my brand new website, which is still in it’s building phase.

Going from doing business “offline” for the last 18 years, to putting myself “out here online”, is a big step.

I have had the pleasure and the privilege of literally touching the lives of hundreds of people through my massage practice.

My company “massagebedrijf Vital Touch” is located in the southern part of The Netherlands.

Very “hands on” and no computer involved (smile).

Now that I am entering into the “online business world”, where I am changing the way I offer my services to my clients…

I feel like a complete beginner in this arena, who is eager to learning and mastering new skills when it comes to

Online Sales and Marketing, building a new website and everything that involves creating a thriving online business.

Fortunately, I have a wonderful business coach and I am part of an amazing Mastermind group!

They all help me to confidently take (baby) steps every single day in the direction of my dreams.

And sometimes, it takes courage to act in a bolder way….

So I thought, well why not just take a “quantum leap” and jumpstart my online journey with this challenge, by offering you 30 video tips?

In this short video:

  • I will share with you who inspired me to do this 30 day video challenge
  • which “Divine” idea was “downloaded onto me” during my sleep
  • how I call this challenge (you can also take a look at the picture above)
  • my intention for these 30 days
  • my first video “M” tip to help you raise your vibrations

I hope you will enjoy this video and feel free to leave your comments down below.

Let’s have a deep, rich and meaningful “heart-to-heart conversation”!

Love and blessings, Monique

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About the author
I specialize in helping 40+ busy moms, who truly long to have more “me time”, how to Balance their Energy in such a way, that they can move through their days with more Ease, Grace and Flow and have Fun along the way.